How We Work

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    Requirement Analysis & Proposal

    At this stage, we get acquainted with the data on the project in detail, the tasks it has to solve, and the goals you are going to reach. After that, we elaborate on the requirements, budget limits and deadlines, evaluate the project, offer solutions, and prepare a proposal.

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    Having discussed the details with a customer and approved the proposal, we plan work stages, specific deadlines, and the order of sprints. At this cooperation stage, we prepare everything necessary to start working on the project.

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    Prototype & Design

    In case you have no ready-made design layout for your future software product, our designers can develop it from scratch. After the prototype is approved or the necessary changes are made, our designer creates a ready product.

  • 4


    The actual product development process is divided into sprints, during which our team analyzes the results achieved in the previous period, makes appropriate conclusions, and defines tasks for the next period.

  • 5

    QA & Testing

    Before releasing the product, it is very important to perform detailed software testing to make sure its functionality meets the requirements specified and everything works as it should. Possible bugs should be fixed before the product launch to avoid reputational and financial losses.

  • 6

    Launch the Product

    After all the details are agreed upon and the product fully meets customer requirements, we will plan the launch date and prepare everything necessary.

  • 7

    Maintenance & Support

    The product launch is far from the end of working on it. During the development process, its functionality can expand and change based on user feedback and your business development. Product support, optimization, and periodic updates are very important in the competitive market environment.

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